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III-IV Dual Band Infrared Focal Plane Arrays
(Completion Date: Dec 2019)
12um Pixel HD Uncooled LWIR Sensors
(Completion Date: Dec 2019)
Macrocell Receiver Conversion for Millimeter Wave
(Completion Date: Dec 2019)
Low Cost Miniaturized Shortwave Infrared Imager
(Completion Date: Dec 2019)
Accelerated and Adaptive Army Fabrication Enterprise
(Completion Date: April 2018)
Tungsten Carbide Penetrator
(Completed Date: Sept 2017)
Advanced Protection from Objective Threats
(Completed Date: April 2017)
Hellfire-R Warhead Case Manufacturing Technology Enhancements
(Updated: March 2017)
High Operating Temperature and Multi-Band Focal Plane Arrays Manufacturing Technology
(Completed Date: November 2016)
ManTech for Advanced Nanocomposite Coatings
(Completed Date: July 2016)
Advanced CMC Manufacturing & Machining Process Development
(Completed Date: April 2015)
Conformable Wearable Battery System
(Completed Date: March 2015)
Low Light Sensor
(Completed Date: January 2015)
Affordable ChemBio Resistant Fabric
(Completed Date: January 2015)
Chip Scale Atomic Clock
(Completed Date: September 2014)
Enabling Manufacturing Process for Body Armor
(Completed Date: September 2014)
Additive Manufacturing and Quick Tooling
(Completed Date: September 2013)
Improved Chemical Heating
(Completed Date: February 2013)
Improved Manufacturing Technology for Insensitive Munition Ingredients
(Completed Date: March 2013)
Solventeless Propellants
(Completed Date: April 2013)
Improved Warhead Manufacturing
(Completed Date: July 2013)
Expedient Shelter Insulation Liners
(Completed Date: September 2013)
Transparent Spinel Armor Manufacturing Scale-Up
(Completed Date: November 2013)
Cost Improvement of IMX-104 Explosive Formulation
(Completed Date: December 2013)
Low Cost Rotorcraft Cabin Floor Structure
(Completed Date: August 2012)
Low Cost Zinc Sulfide (ZnS)
(Completed Date: July 2012)
Embedded Sensor Processes for Aviation Composite Structures
(Completed Date: August 2012)
CH47 Composite Tunnel Cover
(Completed Date: April 2012)
3rd Generation IR Integrated Dewar Cooler Assembly
(Completion Date: January 2012)
Manufacturing Technology Improves Affordability of the Spider Grenade Initiation Module (GIM)
(Completion Date: September 2011)
Lightweight Laser Designator Modules
(Completion Date: January 2011)
Affordable Software Defined Radio Components For The Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS)
(Completion Date: Novermber 2009) (Updated as of June 2010)
Low Cost Manufacturing Of Materials For Improved Warfighter Protection
(Completion Date: September 2009) (Updated as of June 2010)
Digital Depot and Model Centric Design
(Completion Date: September 2009) (Updated as of June 2010)
PAX 41
(Completion Date: June 2008) (Updated as of June 2010)
Low Cost Phases Shifters for Phased Arrays
(Completion Date: September 2008)(Updated as of June 2010)
NAVAL Submarine and Carrier Propulsion Shaft Machining Cycle Reduction
(Completion Date: March 2008) (Updated as of June 2010)
Low Cost Lightweight Structures Manufacturing Technology Objective
(Completion Date: September 2007) (Updated as of June 2010)
MEMS Safety and Arming Device Manufacturing
(Completion Date: August 2007)(Updated as of June 2010)
Mobile Drilling Kits
(Completion Date: February 2007) (Updated as of June 2010)
Uncooled Focal Plane Array Producibility
(Completion Date: September 2006) (Updated as of June 2010)
Affordable Drive Train Housings Magnesium -
Corrosion Protection Program (MCPP) Implementation

(Completion Date: December 2005) (Updated as of June 2010)
Excalibur Armament Actuator
(Completion Date: September 2005) (Updated as of June 2010)

Archived Success Stories

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