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Permethrin Treated Fabrics

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To determine the manufacturing process of cutting and sewing permethrin treated fabric and to develop permethrin formulations for flame retardant fabrics. This approach will improve the uniformity of the permethrinapplication and decrease the overall production time, thus providing a cost benefit over the current method.


• Conduct a toxicological analysis of air quality samples collected during the manufacture of Army Combat Uniforms using permethrin treated fabric
• Work with fabric manufacturers to develop optimized permethrin treatment formulations and processes for various flame retardant fabrics
• Set up a cut and sew trial to assess the safety of manufacturing the permethrin treated garments


• Successfully treated Def M Type III fabric at two different manufacturers
• Successfully treated Sigma 4Star Twill fabric


• A more uniform permethrin treatment
• Aligns with Army's objective of having all uniforms permethrin treated
• Improved uniform appearance
• Faster uniform production
• Supplementing end-item permethrin treatment with a fabric treatment for the FRACU and ACU and multi-component uniforms could save the Government millions in testing and treatment costs over the next 15 years
• Decreased risk of unusable end items

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