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Improved Manufacturing Technology of Granular IMX-104 Explosive Formulation

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Develop an optimized production scale slurry coating manufacturing process to produce granular IMX-104 with consistent properties and a lower unit cost.


• Evaluate operating parameters that affect granulation and Insensitive Munitions (IM) properties on a large scale manufacturing process
• Optimize critical operating parameters using statistical Design of Experiments (DOE) methods
• Conduct preliminary study of prilling process to determine feasibility, efficiency and effectiveness
• Identify commercially available waxes and water replacement fluids and evaluate for effects on product quality
• Evaluate alternate technologies to recover the water replacement fluids to minimize fluid loss
• Conduct testing and evaluation to confirm product quality and IM properties
• Conduct pressing study to evaluate pressability
• Manufacture confirmation batches to prove out the optimized process


• Finalized test plan
• Expedited execution of phase II effort


• IM compliant product for Warfighters
• Optimize final product quallty
• Ability to manufacture granular IMX-104 on a large scale
• Minimize product unit cost without compromising product quality

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