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Advanced Munitions Warhead Manufacturing Improvements

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The purpose of this effort is to reduce unit production costs and enable design optimization of advanced warhead manufacturing by reducing number of processes and utilizing updated manufacturing technologies.


• Developing novel manufacturing techniques focusing on Isostatic single Increment, nopost machine warhead loading,
  embedded tungsten fragmenting components, molding of Insensitive Munitions (IM) sleeves for warheads and
  Multi-Explosive Formed Penetrators (M-EFP)
• Conducting Initial evaluation through warhead performance testing of each manufacturing process for explosive Isostatic
  pressing, embedded fragment component IM sleeve and Multi-EFP liners
• Manufacturing process transition into Advanced Multi-Purpose (AMP) projectile
• Replace Depleted Uranium with Tungsten and achieve equal performance for Kinetic Energy penetrator


• Loaded MOUT and AMP warhead bodies with novel Isostatic pressing technique which proved successful during
  ballistic testing
• Injection molded tungsten fragment components performed successfully during AMP ballistic test
• Successful molded warhead bodies with IM polymer using viable process for slow cookoff testing


• Lower cost through reduced number of manufacturing processes
• Improved safety by decreasing touch labor during munitions manufacture
• Application of Field Assisted Slntering Technology (FAST) and Combustion Driven Compaction (CD) replacing hot
  Isostatic press, nano/plastic composite binding of embedded fragment components
• More reliable munitions using fragmenting sleeves enabling warheads to fragment Into reliable sized fragments and
  achieve IM requirements

POC: Army ManTech Manager, U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Command (RDECOM), Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center (ARDEC), Munitions Engineering and Technology Center (METC), ATTN: RDAR-MEM-L, B65-S, Picatinny Arsenal, NJ 07806-5000

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