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Advanced Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMC) Manufacturing and Machining Process Development



Improve the fuel efficiency and reduce the weight of the UH-60 Black Hawk and AH-64 Apache helicopters through the use of lighter weight, higher temperature capable and more durable Ceramic Matrix Composite (CMG) turbine engine components.

How It's Accomplished

• Manufacturing of sub and full-scale prototype components
• Test to validate process capabilities to MRL6
• Scale-up and optimize "LEAN" processing and equipment
• High Yield Manufacturing ProcessSuccessful preforming, machining, coating trials
• Technologies are to be transferred to Lean Labs In Year 4 and used to produce one set of shrouds (minimum deliverable) for the Army
• Leverages DMS&T Ceramic Matrix Composites; NA VAIR and AF MS&T


• Project results will contribute to meeting force capabilities
• Navy slated as first adopter of technology
• Non-Destructive Evaluation (NOE)- Flash IR was developed and Is being used as a quality Inspection method for coating on CMG parts
• Abradable Slurry- An application method for applying an abradable layer to EBC (Environmental Barrier Coatings) using APS (Air Plasma Spray) has been developed
• Advanced CMC Machining- CMG grinding, Increased feed rate (3x baseline) combined with increased wheel speed shows equal or better performance with respect to grind forces, mlcrocracking, and mechanical performance
• S1rlp and Recoat- Methods to strip and recoat EBC have been proven to be viable In extending shroud life


• CMC 1st and 2nd stage High Pressure Turbine Shrouds (HPT) will be lighter and more durable than metallic HPT shrouds
• Improved power-to-weight margin and SFC equates to increased mission duration and lower operational costs
• Provides form/fit/function replacement design for new and retrofit applications
• Improves damage tolerance and reduces recurring costs
• Improved specific fuel consumption (SCF) equates to safety due to reduced fuel convoys
• Reduces CO² emissions

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