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Low Light Level Sensor

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Increase the manufacturing yield and lower the cost of digital low light level devices for emerging Soldier vision systems that provide better performance than current image intensifier tubes, providing the Warfighter increased situational awareness on land or in the air.


• Performing photocathode optimization in order to increase sensor photoresponse
• Enhancing the exhaust system to increase yield for the ISIE11 sensor
• Generating and implementing equipment and facilitization plans for component feeder lines to support projected production volume
• Delivering a minimum of twelve cameras throughout the effort in order to demonstrate that yield and performance improvements are being achieved


• Demonstrated the implementation of a process which produces sensors with a photoresponse that is higher than the program's goal
• Implemented the cost effective module for production, leading to better control of the fabrication process and higher sensor yields
• Demonstrated a production rate that met the yield goal for sensor production
• Conducted accelerated reliability testing on ISIE11 sensors that demonstrated reliablllty growth
• Advances in this program led to the sensors being accepted in production camera deliveries for PM Apache

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