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High Operating Temperature and Multi-Band Focal Plane Arrays

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Reduce the cost of Infrared focal plane arrays (IR FPAs) using III-V epitaxial material in order to make large format, high operating temperature and multi-band/multicolor FPAs. This effort will provide affordable, 2000x2000 pixel format compound IR sensors for persistent surveillance and 1280x720 pixel format IR sensors for enhanced situational awareness and target search in day/night visibility and battlefield conditions


• Development of new detector structure whose manufacturing approach avoids defects associated with passivation of the detector material
• Development of detector material that uses the III-V material system enabling leveraging of the III-V material commercial industrial base resulting in an increase in the yield and uniformity of these detectors
• Development of FPAs that can operate at higher operating temperatures which significantly reduces the size, weight and power (SWAP) of cryogenic coolers, which enabling use of compound, very large formal FPAs in persistent surveillance applications


• Significantly improved the aspect ratio of the etch, increased hybridization yield and performance of large format, small pixel pitch focal plane arrays
• Repeatedly demonstrated increased diameter Gallium Antimonide (GaSb) substrates with high quality surface morphology, improved flatness and improved total thickness variation
• Achieved repeatability in production of high performance High-Operating Temperature MidWave (HOT MW) FPAs (nBn) at 2000 x 2000 for up to 130K operating temperature
• Demonstrated capability to produce 1280x720 multiband FPAs from multiple FPA fabricators with high operability

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