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Manufacturing of Flexible Electronics for Large Area Sensors

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Develop the manufacturing processes for large area thin film transistor arrays and optical sensing to enable integrated light-weight flexible digital X-ray imaging sensors built on plastic. Primary application is for digital radiography (DR) for U.S. Army Explosive Ordnance disposal (EOD) and counter IED.


• Demonstrated World’s First integrated flexible 10” X-ray detector for EOD applications with Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA)
• Developed and installed clean room tester for X-ray array testing to improve process yield
• Designed, produced, and tested improved yield and lower defect 8” and 10” thin film transistors (TFTs) arrays and X-ray detectors
• Delivered ten Soldier portable X-ray detector systems being evaluated by Army, SOCOM, OCONUS, and EOD Schoolhouse
• Coordinating program with PEO Ammo/CCS & NAVEODTECHDIV, DOD Lead for EOD Programs of Record
• Demonstrate improved packaging for light weight rugged man portable X-ray system


• Lightweight, rugged, Soldier portable X-ray systems will improve detection capability for EOD, Counter-IED DOD operations as well as non-destructive test (NDT) dual use applications
• Flexible large area electronic areas may enable new methods for detection for WMD
• Large area sensors are a building block that will enable new combinatorial methods for chemical and biological sensing
• Development of this technology with commercial partners will result in 60% reduction in system cost to DOD
• Improve performance and yield of thin film transistor arrays at product sizes
• Develop manufacturing processes for large area photodiodes with high gain and low noise
• Partner with commercial manufacturers to transition and demonstrate flexible digital X-ray systems in field environments for Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) and (NDT) to serve both DOD and commercial applications
• Integrated X-ray Toolkit (XTK) software on Android-based tablet compatible with NETT Warrior to control for common analysis for EOD

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